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  • Betty Girardeau

A Visit From Peter Rabbit

I lived in four acres of woods for nearly forty years and I never had the variety of wild life in and around my house that I do here. When I am dining on my porch in the evenings, I frequently see the ground hog and several deer enjoying the grass in the field below my house. Last August I looked out my front window and saw a flock of eight turkeys walking around in my yard. Last week when I had my camera on the tripod at set up to photograph the hummingbirds coming to the feeder, I looked out and saw this cute little guy. He was in no hurry and must have spent thirty or forty minutes grazing. When I realized that he was planning to enjoy my yard and grass for some time, I quickly rearranged my camera and started snapping away. Unfortunately, not too many of my images were that good. I think my big telephoto lens was partly at fault, but more likely it was the person behind the camera who was so excited to try to capture as much as I could of his visit so was taking multiple shots rather than singles. This resulted in a lot of almost but not quite sharp images. And, too, the subject was moving around a bit. Munching on grass and hopping around must be a bit tiring, though, because at one point he was obviously resting. When he got up and started moving toward the liriope, he had to do a long stretch. I did get that picture, but it is one of the less sharp ones, unfortunately. He has returned several more times, but by then I had prepared my camera equipment for a night star shoot (something I still haven't done because, of course as should be expected when you get prepared), it has been too cloudy for that). But this morning I set up the tripod and my mirrorless camera, since my Nikon is still ready for a night shoot, and I am ready for him to come visit again. He seems to have lost his cute little blue coat (maybe it has been too hot to wear) and he has not brought along Floppsy, Moppsy, or Cottontail. But I am ready for him to come again. Hopefully I'll get a few better shots then.

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