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A single Part Of A Whole

The entrance drive to my community is lined with Bradford pear trees, which, especially in the spring, make the drive look like one into a fairyland. Like this year, five years ago it was especially beautiful. I spent the better part of a morning, from shortly after dawn to nearly mid morning, taking pictures of this roadway from a variety of angles. I know that Bradford pears in particular are not only rather fragile trees during high winds, but they have also become invasive. But that doesn't take away from their almost breathtaking beauty come spring. Their lower branches, when not pruned, can allow a person to get up very close to individual blossoms, as in this case. Normally, most of us don't break down such beauty into its individual parts because we are so impressed with the whole. Maybe we should. There is such delicate beauty in these individual blossoms. But in this case I also wanted to view these blooms from a different perspective. But another reason why I find this shot particularly charming is because it reminds me a bit of something I might see if I were Alice in Wonderland. Could the Cheshire Cat be up there on one of those petals which for Alice, who was very small at that point, were acting like a large sun umbrella? I like to think he was.

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