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A look To The Heavens

This is image is another example of how you can manipulate a view with the Circular app. It is one that I created several years ago when I was first playing around with it. Once you create your tiny world, you have an option to invert the image, so, instead of getting something that looks like a little planet floating in a huge sky, you get something like this. I really like how this one turned out for a variety of reasons. I have always loved the stark look of naked trees against the background of the sky. When it is manipulated like this, the trees really look like they are reaching for the sky which forces the viewer to do the same. The sky is the world outside of "us." It is the great unknown, the world of God. From the sky come the things that nourish us as well as give us a sense of well-being and peace. Yesterday for the first time in nine years two American astronauts were launched into space from the United States using American technology to make it possible. Amid the the news of riots, racial unrest, political snarking, and the continuing Covid-19 crisis, I think this event got less coverage than it deserves. This successful launch has opened a new chapter for America in space which is even more special because it was made possible by a partnership of private and public enterprise. This is the combination that has always been at the heart of what makes this country great. I think looking upward and outward right now is a wonderful exercise for all of us. We need to begin to look beyond the tiny world in which we have had to be living in recent weeks and get a sense of promise and possibility again. This successful launch is an outward and visible sign of that. We should not allow ourselves to be dragged down by fear and hate because, in truth, "the sky is the limit."

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