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A Hole In One?

I live in a golf community but I don't play golf. Neither did my husband. But it is fun to watch those who do, as well as see strange reminders of someone's game. From my back porch I can watch players at hole number two. This seems to be a rather difficult hole to me as you have to T-off from a spot across a fairly good sized pond and the green is up beyond a rock-faced hill. I have watched players climb all over and around those rocks looking for their ball. And during the winter when Tellico Lake waters are reduced, the water level in the pond goes down, too. When that happens you can find dozens of golf balls that went astray and got lost in the water. Many nights when I am out walking on streets surrounding other fairways and greens, I often find stray balls, many of them so far away from where they should be that I wonder about the talents of the golfer that propelled it there. I think the picture of the one above, which I spied in the newspaper slot of someone's mailbox, may be the most unusual find I have seen yet. I would bet that the golfer who lost it would have been amazed at where it turned up. I also expect that, without a doubt, had he (or she) been trying to put that ball in the box, he would not have been able to do so. I have a friend in North Carolina who takes daily walks during which she, too, often takes pictures of unusual things she sees along her route. She has an extra talent that I definitely don't have. She often writes a Haiku describing her find. I wonder what she would write had she spied this golf ball?

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