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Thank God it is Saturday! What a busy week! It has been full of everything from getting plants repotted and my little summer garden started to more notary signings in a week than I have ever had. I have also been able to enjoy the resumption of things like the first in-person women's club meeting and lunch in over a year, a late afternoon of sitting around and chatting with girl friends to an impromptu dinner with another friend. All of this means that I haven't had much time to do some of the photography "playing" that I have become used to being able to do for the past year. I am anxious to get outside today and practice making some more ICMs for one thing. I also have several tutorials that have been sitting on my desk that I want to open and watch, one course in particular on a unique approach to flower photography. I am thankful to have so much with which to fill my days, but after a year of living at a pretty slow pace, I am not sure I am totally liking getting back to life as it was pre-pandemic. Perhaps one lesson we learned in the last year was that slowing down and having more time in place isn't such a bad thing. Before I totally resume my pre-Covid life, I think I want to take time to figure out how to create a lifestyle embracing both the faster paced earlier one and the slower Pandemic one that allowed me more time to learn and create. There's got to be a way to have the best of both worlds. Oh, and in case you are wondering about today's image, it is one I took about a month ago when I was playing around with some indoor ICMs. This one is the chandelier in my dining room.

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