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  • Betty Girardeau


Carl Sandburg describes fog as something that "comes in on little cat feet." What a perfect way of describing it. As a photographer, along with snow, one of my favorite things to photograph is fog. In both instances the world as we usually know it has been transformed by Mother Nature. And that transformation is pure magic. The rough edges have been smoothed away. And often in both instances, the world seems quieter. As I have mentioned before, I am not much of a morning person and usually fog is an early morning manifestation requiring that I get up and out and into the early morning chill if I want to photograph it. When I notice during the night that it has become foggy, I can become pretty excited and mentally plan to get up earlier and head out with the camera. But very often when it is about the time to do so, I find my bed is still feeling so very warm and cozy, and it is very easy to tell myself that there will be other opportunities in the coming days. So I pull the covers even closer over my shoulders and go back to sleep. And this is exactly what I did this morning. I should chastise myself for being so lazy I suppose. But I do know that the chances for more foggy mornings soon are quite good as the warm days of fall followed by a clear cool nights with no wind are the perfect recipe for fog formation. It is also helpful for me to have a subject in mind that I think would be perfect shown in fog, as I did in 2015 when I shot this image of a tree whose shape I love. I am now thinking about one or two that might be good shrouded in fog that are fairly close by. I promise I will do better the next time fog rolls in and I really will get up and out with my camera. But I can't be totally reprimanded about not having done so this morning. I did capture this image through my bedroom window before pulling up those nice warm covers again this morning.

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