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About Betty

The Third Eye…


it is said that this term refers to “the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness” and, in New Age Spirituality, the third eye can symbolize the evocation of images that can have “deeply personal or psychological significance.”


After seeing my work, I was once told that I was gifted with a third eye.   I would like to think that maybe I have been so gifted as that might  best describe my approach to photography.  I don’t want to work in just one genre.  Through the lens of my camera I see small and large parts of the world and try to capture new or different perspectives from what might be expected.  


Descriptions of my work have included words such as:







I have been told that my images express “fantasies and illusions” and that I “make an everyday image stand out as a desirable work of art.”  


I like to focus on specific concepts that mean something different or special to me.  For that reason I do not see myself embracing any particular genre.  I love beautiful views of our world.  But I also like finding and capturing an abstract view of things by being curious and adventurous with light, materials, and post processing.  


I guess I can best describe myself as an artist with a “third eye” whose medium is photography.


In 2020 I completed a several year photography apprenticeship. My final project was the creation of a fourteen minute music video to a symphonic piece of music.  This video may be viewed on my Videos page.

Awards & Nominations:

I have received several awards and commendations from experts and professional judges as well as numerous peer awards.

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